Life Groups

We are excited to announce that we are launching Life Groups.

The vision

This ministry is to facilitate welcoming and family style relationship opportunity for all who connect with Newsong Church.

We have many different opportunities for spiritual growth at Newsong, but the Life Group model facilitates the relaxed community atmosphere that cultivates deeper Christ-centered relationships.

It is no wonder Jesus selected twelve men to spend so much time with. The relationship and teaching set the stage for them to grow spiritually and form eternal bonds with each other and with Jesus at the center.

What to expect

Each Life Group leader will choose the time, place, and gathering frequency that works best for their group. Some may be outdoor focused with biking, hiking, or just getting to know each other around a campfire. Some may meet in homes, coffee shops, or places with just the right setting for building relationships. Each Life Group will have the opportunity to meet a minimum of two times a month. Some groups may be focused for a particular age group, marital status, or shared interests. 

How do I sign-up

Once you complete the below form, one of our staff members will be in touch to help you get connected with a life group in your area.

Life Group Request Form



Note: if you do not hear from a life group leader within two weeks, please let us know ( and we can follow-up.