How do you get connected to Newsong?

We know that being “new” and not knowing anyone can be overwhelming. Figuring out how to get connected with people you don’t know can be challenging. Our goal is to make connecting with wonderful people at Newsong Church as easy as possible. Let us help you get connected!

New here? Start at step 1.
Not new, but want to be better connected? Skip to step 3.

Step 1

Let’s start by appreciating you as a first time guest with a gift, get to know you better, and give you more information about Newsong Church. To get started:

Text “Newsong” to 94000 and choose Option 1 (I’m new here).


Step 2

This is your second time with us? Our excitement is building! Lets take this up a notch, and help us get to know you better:

Text “Newsong” to 94000 and choose Option 2 (I’m back again).


Step 3

Ok, now that Newsong Church has become a place you want to be connected with. Let’s take steps together to grow this relationship between you and us. Lets grow closer to God and each other. Are you ready to learn what we believe, to discover your spiritual gifting, and to learn how those gifts can be used by God? If yes, then our Connect Path Class was specifically designed for you. Click here to learn more.