Wounded Healer

Join us today as Pastor CJ share a message titled Wounded Healer.

  • This morning we’re looking at those qualities that every Christian needs and should have
  • It’s vital in our sharing the good news of Jesus Christ
  • His ability to speak peace into our hearts is greater than whatever peace the world can give, and His power bring joy greater than anything this world can ever offer.
    1. A Heart of Compassion 
      • Whenever Jesus saw a need, the Bible says he had compassion
      • Stop being too busy, stop forming barriers, and respond to their need
    2. A Heart of a Giver
      • A heart that gives of itself to meet others needs
      • Matthew 25:40
    3. A Heart of Faith
      • Faith in Jesus, our great physician
      • We come to Him so that He can treat our wounds, especially the wounded soul
      • We have to go to the Dr office to get care…we have to go to Jesus to get healing
  • Jesus is greater than your pain, sorrow, hurt, doubts and fear, and he can carry the load
  • Has your spirit been wounded, your heart broken, and your faith shaken?
  • Give it to Jesus, because He is our Great Physician.
  • He is our wounded healer, and He is here to heal.