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Faces in a Crowd

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message entitled Faces in a Crowd

Key Scripture: Matthew 21:1-9

  • Psalm Sunday is a good representation of Jesus being worshiped as the King of kings and Lord of lords while he was on earth
  • While he rode in on a donkey, there were many faces in the crowd that Jesus could have seen
  • Lets take a look at 4 of them
    1. Mary Magdalene
      • Possessed by 7 daemons and was a prostitute before meeting Jesus
      • Jesus freed her and transformed her live
      • She helped Jesus financially
      • Washed Jesus’ feet
      • 1st to see Jesus after he rose from the dead
      • Good example of a live touched/changed by Jesus
      • She had to see Jesus to be transformed…not a church…not a pastor…but Jesus
    2. Nicodemus
      • Was a pharisee
      • Was one of the people Jesus told John 3:16 to
      • At Jesus trial was the one to say the trial was unjust
      • Was one that prepared Jesus body to be buried
      • Good example giving extravagantly for Jesus even people aren’t looking
      • Are we letting our position keep up from speaking up for God?
      • Are you standing up for Jesus when other aren’t?
    3. Zacchaeus
      • Know as a short tax collector
      • Jesus invited himself to his house fro dinner
      • Give half of his possessions to the poor and righted his wrongs
      • His possessions were important to him but Jesus was more important
      • Had to let loose of the purse strings
      • Is money more important to you that Jesus in your live?
      • are you possessions holding you back in your relationship with Jesus?
    4. The boy with fishes and loaves
      • Gave his fishes and loaves
      • Ended up with 12 basket fulls leftover
      • Story of Jesus’ power / love
      • Boy gave it all to Jesus
      • Jesus took a little and blesses/multiplied it
      • Jesus multiplied their faith
      • Jesus could have made food appear from out of thin air
      • There was an act of faith in giving the loaves and fishes
      • What do you need to bring to Jesus in faith today?
  • Each person the crowd had their own story
  • You aren’t just a face in the crowd to Jesus
  • Take what you have and bring it to Jesus today
Posted in Sermons on March 20, 2016.