Don’t Stop Now!

Join us today as Pastor CJ share a message titled Don’t Stop Now! (based on a sermon by Kevin L. Jones)

Key scripture: Haggai 2:1-9

  • If we are honest there are times in life when we just want to give up.
  • Some of you may be at a point where you are ready to give up
  • God has a message for those who are actively… faithfully serving Him. It is a message of encouragement, assurance and motivation
  • God does not measure success the way that man does
  • Often we become discouraged when we compare our service with the service of others.
  • God has called you to serve in a specific place for a specific purpose
  • You may want quit, but God is saying “DON’T STOP NOW!” Don’t Be Discouraged… God Sees Your Effort!
  • Many times we find ourselves at a point of weakness because we attempt to serve Him on our own power. o If you attempt this you will surely fail!
  • There are going to be tough days.
  • It is then that we must remember that He who calls us is the One Who equips us.
  • God promised them that the “glory of this new temple would be greater than the first one”
  • To those who are faithfully serving the Lord, He has a message for you…. DON’T STOP NOW!
    1. Don’t Be Discouraged… God Sees Your Effort
    2. Don’t Give Up… God Will Provide Strength
    3. Don’t Be Afraid… God Is In Control
    4. Don’t Look Back… God Has A Greater Plan