Better Together: Reaching Out Together Part 2

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message about Better Together: Reaching Out Together Part 2.

God created us to
  1. Magnify Him (worship)
  2. Mature in your relationship with God and with people (discipleship)
  3. Membership
  4. Ministry
  5. Mission

P – Pray together
* connect with others through prayer
* pray for those who are the sought
* pray for divine appointments to share the love of Jesus
A – Appeal to common interest
* Establish relationships with people who have common interests
*  Relationships become the bridge to share Jesus with other people
R – Reach out in love
* have the right motivation when we reach out to other people
* motive for outreach should be love
* God is love
* Why we should reach out
1. Because we have the greatest answer for the word
2. We have hears of gratitude
3. God is love
* We are just one beggar  telling another beggar  where they can get bread
* They will know that we are Christians by your love
* When some in your (Church) family struggles it is your responsibility to help them get back on track
T – Tell our stories
* Join us next week as we continue with the acronym PARTNER
N –
E –
R –