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All of Newsong Church regularly scheduled Worship Encounters and Ministries will be Online as we navigate the challenges to ministry impacted by the Corona-virus  Global Pandemic 

Worship Encounters, Prayer Encounters,  and Age or Gender Specific Encounters can be viewed live on our website “messages tab” and select “live Stream. Or enter this link into your web browser:


You do not have to have a Facebook account or open up Facebook to watch our Live Stream Simply go to our website and watch there. 


9 and 11 am Sunday Morning Worship  and 6:30 pm Wednesday Evening  and Prayer Encounters:

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  • Newsong Young Adults (Ages 13-35 : Single or  Married):
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  • Newsong Student Ministries (Ages 12-18)
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  • Newsong Kids (ages Birth to 11): 
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  • Newsong Women’s Ministry 
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  • Newsong Men’s Ministry 
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Here are a schedule of events:


  • Sundays:
    • 9 & 11 am  – Worship Encounters
    • 1 pm – Kids Worship Encounter
    • 6 pm – Young Adults Ministry (Age range 18-35)
  • Wednesdays
    • 6:30 pm  – Prayer Encounter
    • 6:30 pm – Student Worship Encounter (nsm)
  • Newsong Women’s Worship & Bible  Study Encounter
    • 6:30 pm – 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each Month
  • Newsong Men’s Worship & Bible  Study Encounter
    • Last Saturday of each month. Times and locations vary.
    • E-mail us at for more information.
  • Newsong Prayer Warrior Group
    • Receive and share prayer requests with a group of gifted prayer warriors.
    • e-mail us at to get added to the group.
  • New Believer Resource & Discipleship  Group. 
    • If you have recently become a follower of Jesus e-mail us to sign up at
  • Life Groups Launching Sunday April 19th, 2020 (We will have an online launch, sign up, and zoom groups should the COVID-19 direction necessitate it. )
  • Grow Path launching May 2020

Here is an opportunity to help our community through our Helping Hearts Initiative:




How can you help your community today?

As many of you may be aware, in March, Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson announced that a resident of Apple Creek Health and Rehabilitation located in Centerton, Arkansas tested positive for the Corona virus.

Our hearts broke thinking of all the residents and staff facing this challenge on top of the already incredible daily challenges resident health care.

To ensure the safety of the residents they are not able to leave their rooms nor have visitors to prevent the chance of infection.

Therefore, the need is great to offer something that will encourage them, let them know we love them, and that we are praying for them.

It because of our heart for this community that we take another step offering the love and compassion of Jesus in a practical but meaningful initiative.

We ask that you join us in our Helping Hearts Initiative for Apple Creek Health and Rehabilitation Residents.

Here is how you can partner with Newsong Church in the Helping Hearts Initiative

At newsong we have personally witnessed the power of prayer to change the most desperate situations.

Here are what the funds will be for.

Apple Creek employs staff
members that are solely
focused of the activities that
will boost their moral and keep
their minds on positive things.
This will allow them to do
“In room activities”

Your donation will go to.
providing safe prepackaged
snacks that residents can
have in their rooms between

And here is the best part of donating funds:

A matching funds donation of $250.00 has been pledged for the Helping Hearts initiative! That means for the first $250.00 donated your $250.00 will be matched!

100% of these designated donations will go to supplies and snack for Apple Creek.

Here is how to donate funds (Displayed in video as well)
1. Go to our website

2. On the main menu select the tab “Give”

3. In the drop-down menu select “Give Now”

4. This will take you to a giving page where you will select the green “Give Now” button

5. This will take you to our secure giving site hosted by Vanco.

6. There you will enter the amount of your donation in the “Benevolence” field.

7. To the right of where you entered the amount of your donation there is an
empty text box. Type “Apple Creek Helping Hearts” in the text box.

8. Complete the rest of the form with your payment information, Complete all of the remaining required fields, and the donation is complete.

And the third way you can partner is this:

The activities staff would like to show the residents your personalized support through creating paper hearts to hang in their windows so they can have a visual of your support.

Just use what you have at home, colored construction paper, copy paper, get some markers or crayons, and cut out or draw hearts with a personal encouraging message for the residents.
This will be a great activity for all of you stuck at home especially your kids!

This next part is very important!
Please DO NOT take anything directly to Apple Creek as we want to follow specific procedures to preventing further exposure to the corona virus.
Apple Creek Staff have their hands full and it would be an added burden for them to facilitate these donations and Helping Hearts Messages.

We are working with specific staff members to follow set procedures to ensure this is a blessing for staff and residents.

Here are two options to get your Helping Hearts to Apple Creek residents:

Newsong Church
Helping Hearts
1690 Gamble Road
Centerton, Arkansas 72719

Email us at to schedule a drop off at the church. Observing social distancing that is.

NOTE: All donations of Helping Hearts with encouraging messages will be held for 3 days at Newsong Church before delivery to Apple Creek to prevent a chance of spreading the virus.

Will you partner with Newsong Church in the Helping Hearts Initiative?
We love you, God Bless You as we work together to make a difference in our own community!

Pastor CJ & Jen Brummett
Newsong Church




This is a donation initiative hosted by Newsong Church in Partnership with
Apple Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center.

There is a specific process by which donations will be delivered to Apple Creek by Newsong Church Team Members.

100% of donations designated to the Helping Hearts Initiative will go to the residents of Apple Creek.

Last update 3/18/2020 @ 2:00 pm CST

A word from Rev. CJ Brummett

Lead Pastor



Action Plan

A word from Rev. Larry Moore

District Superintendent

Arkansas District AoG


A word from Rev. Doug Clay

General Superintendent

The National Office AoG


A word from Rev. CJ Brummett

I have included a lot of information in this statement on the COVID-19 situation. I’m sure you and I both have seen more about it than we would like to. I have read the “short and to the point statements” as well as marathon statements. This is an unprecedented global response like many of us my age or younger have not seen in our lifetime. With the severity of response through prayer and wise council, I have decided to break this statement into three parts. A message from me, an Action plan, and statements from my leaders in the Assemblies of God. If you are reading this on our website, you will be able to hyperlink to the three sections individually, passing over the others. While I understand this may be what many do, I would ask you to consider reading all of this statement in its entirety, as I took the approach to give you a “sermon version” in hopes to Pastor you through this challenging time.


We want you to know that our Advisory Team, Ministry Team, and Your Lead Pastor, have spent time conversing, reviewing, and formulating an appropriate response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Until today, it has been a process of information gathering and learning from health officials.


On Friday, it became evident from local, state, and national government, business leaders and church leaders that our response to our church body must be sooner than expected.


We’ve also been listening to and learning from those of you in the healthcare field. Our hope is that you understand the “Pastoral Heart” in which this statement to you was drafted. Your Pastor has been in prayer over this for some time and none of this statement is reactionary, but is done with a great deal of care.


As new information is being released by the minute and things are changing very fluidly, we may need to adjust our action plan, at the request of state and local governments (see Romans 13).


Please, give me a moment to “pastor” you and then I’ll share the details of our action steps.


First of all, CJ Brummett, your Shepherd is unwavering that we serve the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present God. He is not taken by surprise in this recent development of a global health concern. Jesus is still at the right hand of the Father, advocating for us. It is Jesus who has the keys to death, hell and the grave. As followers of Jesus, we do not live in fear, nor allow fear of temporary trials to change our direction in fulfilling the vision and mission of the church. In spite of the COVID-19 concern, WE WILL increase reaching the lost and equipping more disciple makers. WE WILL do this while using Godly wisdom and creativity, to adapt to these current challenges.


We are the church and this is prime time to walk the walk and talk the talk as the world is closely watching the response of the church. It IS a reflection of Jesus to the world in how we respond to these major events.    


With that said, Jesus came to earth in a time of great spiritual and physical need. Many illnesses that were believed to be highly contagious, were controlled with similar actions separating those who were ill from those who were not. Even God’s people complied with the government implemented controls. However, Jesus did not stop healing the sick, nor did He shy away from reaching out to those where were ill. Jesus focused on their healing so they could return to their families and temples. Jesus did not scold the government or society for the precautions they took to keep the illness from spreading, but instead addressed the illness through healing.


As the church, the bride of Christ and the extension of Jesus’s ministry to this fallen world, it is our joy to minister to the sick. We can do this while still using the wisdom GOD has given man in avoiding dangers that are evident. Even as we have the confidence in God to heal us, we should not be foolish and try to get sick just so we can prove His power to heal. A Jesus-follower would not seek to get ill or take actions that wisdom would say could cause illness, just to prove to unbelievers that God is our protector. I can’t find an example in scripture where God’s people tried to get leprosy, so Jesus would heal them just so they could rejoice in that healing. In fact, the people of God obeyed the cultural norms that until you are healed of contagious illnesses, you were to take precautions that prevent spreading the disease.


As your Pastor, my heart is to shepherd you. Shepherding is a role of guidance and protection and with my God-given responsibility, I am committed to protecting you in any way God makes possible. I pray for wisdom and often ask others to pray for wisdom for me as well. It is circumstances like the COVID-19 global concern, that the answer to this prayer for wisdom is evidenced in our response. Some will feel this global concern is all overdone, while others will feel any response is not enough or too late. My response as your Shepherd is only motivated by love, prayer, scripture, and Godly wisdom.

In Service to King JESUS,

Rev. CJ Brummett


Action Plan

Using Godly wisdom, balanced with our faith in God’s power over sickness, newsongCHURCHWILL take the necessary precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19, while still ministering to those who become ill.


newsongCHURCH WILL implement precautionary measures apropriate to the daily updates by local, state, and national leading health organizations.


Here are immediate steps we will be taking to ensure the ministry of newsongCHURCH is not hindered:


    1. PRAYER: WE WILL pray as a church body for the end of the COVID-19 illness and for the Healing of those who have become infected.
    1. WORSHIP: WE WILL continue to meet at regularly scheduled Worship Encounters until credible information is presented that prompts this direction to change. Again, these updates are being monitored multiple times daily.
      • Any gatherings, meetings, or other face-to-face interaction will be evaluated more closely to determine if an online meeting is a better choice.
      • Should the direction come from Health Authorities in Arkansas that churches should not have gatherings, WE WILL be prepared to utilize our current online ministry to continue to encounter God’s presence together through our regular Worship Encounter schedule.
    1. STEWARDSHIP: WE WILL work diligently to clean and disinfect all areas and surfaces of contact around the newsongCHURCH
    1. MINISTRY: WE WILL continue to offer age specific ministry with necessary adjustments.
      • Kids Ministry, ages Birth to 11 years
        • Before any kids’ ministry, all toys and contact surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly.
        • Children showing any signs of illness will not be permitted to participate in kids’ ministry, until they are completely well.
          • WE WILL pray immediately for that child for healing.
          • WE WILL stay in contact with the parents of the ill child, so we can minister to any needs they have.
          • Here are the signs of illness that will prevent participation in kids’ ministry encounters and activities:
            • Fever
            • Cough
            • Runny nose
            • Rashes
    1. HOSPITALITY: WE WILL continue to be an inviting, loving, welcoming, and an adoptive church family, while using wisdom in adopting temporary methods in how we greet one another.

At newsongCHURCH we love to hug, pat on the back, and shake hands.  At gathering and worship encounters, we will temporarily switch to a “wave and greet” style of welcome, opposed to hugs and handshakes, until the “ALL CLEAR” to resume normal physical contact is given.

WE WILL continue normal hospitality, as we believe each gathering is the same as if we invited you to our home.  We have worked all week to set the table, and now it’s time to come and share a meal together.  

In offering our free coffee, bottled water, and free food at the Fresh Start Café, our ministry team members will be assisting you to minimize your contact with surfaces normally touched by everyone.


    • Here are examples.
      • Fresh Start Café Free meals on Sundays:
        • Instead of using utensils to put food on your plate, the Fresh Start Café Culinary Team will serve you in this way.
        • The coffee station will have someone serving coffee to limit the amount of contact with coffee machines.
        • The bottled water stations will have someone there to hand you bottled water, to lessen contact with the cooler doors.
      • Our outside doors will be held open by one of our ministry team members before and after Worship Encounters, to lessen mass contact with door handles.
      • Our Sanctuary Doors will be held open for the first 15 minutes of each Worship Encounter, to lessen mass contact.
    1. WE WILL, as a church body, be kind, considerate, and protective of one another:
      • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
        • Hand sanitizer will also be offered in the newsongCHURCH lobby
      • If you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with your arm or with a tissue.

    • WE WILL increase the locations and availability of tissue boxes around the church campus.
    • Forgo shaking hands at church and smile with a warm welcome instead.
    • If you feel ill, have a fever of any level, cough, or other symptoms of Illness:
      • Stay at home when you or a family member are sick. We will see you at church when you are well.
      • Please e-mail us at so we can pray for you and offer to help with anything we can.
        • In the subject line type “Prayer”
        • Include in the e-mail your name, phone number, and if you would like us to contact you
      • Please join the Worship Encounters from home online, by going to our Facebook page:
    • Please check in regularly with the church office, so we can stay ahead of your needs until you are healed.
    • HIGH ALERT LOCATIONS: If you are returning from a “High Alert” area, please adhere to the recommended 14 days at home before attending any gatherings.
    1. HIGH RISK INDIVIDUALS: Health officials are reporting that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are of greatest risk of infection. If you are in an age group or have a higher risk of infection due to immune deficiency, or decide to avoid meeting in large groups, please do what you feel is best for you. If that means joining us online, until the risk of COVID-19 infection is mitigated, here are ways to stay connected:
    • Please call the church office to notify us of your decision to worship from home. We support your decision, however, we would like to stay in contact to minister to you effectively.
    • Your generosity makes it possible to minister to you, your church family, the community, and all those who join us online. Please use our online giving platforms, available on the church website:
      • Now available:
        • “text to give” (Instructions on the church website under the “GIVE” tab)
        • GIVE PLUS APP: A downloadable app for your smartphone and even set up automatic reoccurring giving (Instructions on the church website under the “GIVE” tab.)
        • WEBSITE: You can still use our website to give without text or an app (Instructions on the church website under the “GIVE” tab.)


    • NOTE: The above options have a fee attached. You can choose to increase your giving to incur the fee, or choose that your original donation has the fee deducted and the church receive your donation, minus the fee. The 3% fee goes to Vanco, the company providing our GIVE PLUS e-giving services. This fee is comparable to other online giving services.


    • PayPal FOUNDATION: Also, PayPal foundation option is still available (Available on the church website under the “GIVE” tab)
    • NOTE: PayPal foundation giving specifics
      • No fee for you or the church
      • You CAN NOT designate for specific ministries through this option. Only general fund giving is available.
      • PayPal is able to offer this with no fee by dispersing the funds once per month, so they can earn interest on the funds in the time between disbursements.


A word from Rev. Larry Moore

We are facing what might be the most challenging event of our time regarding the Coronavirus and its repercussions. People are fearful and worried.


However, this is not the first time the Assemblies of God has faced something like this. When we were only five years old the General Council offices were forced to close and many churches forced to cancel services because of the Spanish Flu.


Perhaps at that time of stress those believers had a difficult time seeing the great future which lay ahead of our movement. Ah, but what a future unfolded.


May our Lord reboot Hope. May Hope spread faster than has this fear.


At this time there is no mandate nor recommendation for us to dismiss or restrict church services from our Governor.


However, it may be wise for each one to discuss this with your Board, Advisory Council or membership and prayerfully decide what would be best for you based on your local situation. 


If you maintain your regular schedule of services and you do not already have your plans detailed as to the appropriate precautionary measures, I recommend that you view Pastor Rod Loy’s video regarding the best procedures and precautions to put in place and communicate these to you people. You can find the video on FirstNLR Facebook page.


Pastor Rod also just posted this caution on an AG Minister’s page. 

“Be careful to not minimize this COVID-19 with funny dismissive comments and posts. True-this could be overblown. But, if someone in your church suffers loss after you treated it dismissively, they may no longer be in your church.” Wise Council.


If you decide to discontinue your services it would wise for you to do so far enough in advance that it can be properly advertised.


Also, remember to clearly communicate to your people ways they may keep you informed regarding how you may minister to and care for them during this time.


We are formulating our best path forward regarding all future District events and ministries. We will be sharing that information with you as the situation progresses.


I want to leave you with this reminder:

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose!


I love you and am praying for you all.


We will stand together in unity and faith!

Rev. Larry Moore

District Superintendent of The Assemblies of God, Arkansas District