When the Crowd Becomes a Church

Join us today as Pastor CJ share a message entitled When the Crowd Becomes a Church.

  • The Church as changed since the advent of the automobile
  • Used to be that Churches were small and close net because people would always go to the closest Church
  • As automobiles became more popular, people stopped shopping at the Mom and Pop stores because they could more stuff, more verity, and cheaper prices at the big box store down the road a little ways
  • The same thing has happened with Churches; people would no long go to a church because it was close but instead go to the one “they like”
  • The problem this creates is that if they don’t like something they won’t stay to try and fix it instead they just move on to the next bigger better box
  • It’s not JUST┬áthe Pastors responsibility to build the community; the whole church body is responsible
  • What are you doing to combat┬áthe church crowd mentality and help build the church community mentality
  • Who will you reach out to this week to genuinely get to know, who will be lovely supportive, and who will honestly challenge you in your relationship with God