Removing the Leaven from Your House

Listen in to today’s as Pastor CJ share a message about Removing the Leaven from Your House

Key Scripture: Exodus 12

  • Leaven (Yeast) symbolized the power of sin in our lives
  • Why use Yeast to symbolize sin?
    1. Bread with yeast in it tastes better (sin “tastes” good too)
    2. Doesn’t take much yeast to change the shape of the dough (doesn’t take much sin to change us)
    3. Yeast makes the loaf look like it contains more than it does (sin can do the same)
    4. Yeast cause the bread to eventually mold and decay from the inside out (so does sin)
  • How can we keep the world out of our house?
  • Don’t be mislead by some common misconceptions
    • You can have a different morality than your children (Children will imitate your actions)
    • A little bit of sin won’t hurt (it doesn’t take much to take root in your life)
    • Removing sin from your life will save you/your family (you still need Jesus)
    • As soon as I feel worthy I will live for God (let Jesus in and he will help you clean)