Mother’s Day 2016

Listen in to today’s Mother’s Day Service. Hear from our panel of mothers and hear Pastor CJ share his Mother’s Day message.

Scripture reference: 2 Samuel 21

  • Joshua had made a covenant with the Gibeonites back in Joshua 9
  • Saul had broken that covenant and Israel was experiencing famine because of it
  • King David goes to God and God tell him it is because they broke the covenant
  • David goes to the Gibeonites and asks what he can do to make it right
  • They asked for 7 of Saul’s sons
  • David hand them over and they were hung
  • Rizpah protected the body’s of her sons from birds and beast for 5-6 months during the hottest part of the year
  • King David heard of this act of faithfulness and bravery
  • David had Saul’s bones and the son’s bones buried in a place of honor
  • While this is a tragedy in the Bible, there are still things we can learn from it
  • Rizpah accepted her son’s had done wrong and were punished but she was still their mother
  • She still loved them and fought for them to be honored/buried
  • She stood her ground and God honored that faithfulness
  • Don’t give up on the next generation…God has placed you in the office of Mother
  • Instead stand up and bring honor to their family
  • There is hope for this nation with mothers like this
  • Brave mothers DO make a difference