John’s Case for Christ – Part 1

Listen in to today’s as Pastor CJ share a message John’s Case for Christ

Key Scripture: John 2

  • Overview of the book of John
    • John 1: Verbal Testimony
    • John 2-12: Public Ministry
    • John 13-17: Private Ministry
    • John 18-21: Jesus’ Death, resurrection, and post resurrection appearances
  • John alternates between the word of Christ and the works of Christ
  • 9 major miracles are recorded in John
    1. Water into wine
    2. healing dying man
    3. Cures a paralyzed man
    4. creates food for thousands
    5. walks on water
    6. sight for the blind
    7. Raises a man from teh dead
    8. creates a meal
    9. Raises from the dead
  • John 20:30 – There are other signs not recorded
  • John 21:25 – There are too many miracles to record
  • As we look at John 2 and the Miracles of water into wine we can learn many things
  • Jesus is the creator – He created wine out of nothing
  • It happened at a wedding…one of the most important events that happened back then
  • Weddings are a public convent with God
  • Bible calls weddings “the grace of life”
  • Not Grace that saves but common grace
  • Joseph isn’t mentioned (more on this next week) but he is probably dead by this point