If You are Waiting for a Sign Here it is

Join us tonight was Pastor CJ shares a message titled If You are Waiting for a Sign Here it is

Key scripture: Matthew 5:17-20

– Ceremonial law: how Israel is supposed to worship God through sacrifice
– Civil law: how they were to live and conduct business
– Moral Law: e.g. 10 commandments; strict obedience
– Ceremonial law is not required due to Jesus’ sacrifice for us
– Civil law was more about the time period and doesn’t apply to us
– Moral law is still in full force today
– Not in an effort to be right with God, but because we love him
– If we mess up there is still grace, but shouldn’t use that as a license to sin
– Out of love and obedience to a God who loved me so much to send his own son to die for us, I will follow the law to honor him
– Goal is not to sin but when I do I have an advocate
– Our attempt to be perfect only reveals our need for a savior

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