Holy Spirit Baptism

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message on titled Holy Spirit Baptism.

Key Scripture: John 7:37-39 

  • The Holy Spirit does not force himself to fill us.
  • Jesus offers us streams of living water.
  • What does it mean to be filled with the holy spirit?
    1. Simply put it means to be filled with God, because the Holy Spirit is God.
    2. You are the sacred dwelling place of the Holy Spirit!
    3. Being filled with the spirit is more than just God living within us.
  • We need to believe in Jesus – we need an open mind to be filled with the spirit.
  • How should our mind be open if we are going to be filled with the Holy Spirit?
    1. We need to believe Jesus’ teaching about the baptism in the Holy Spirit applies to all believers.
    2. We also need to believe that Jesus wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit.
    3. We need to have a spiritual desire – our spirit must be willing and thirsty.
    4. We need to receive – we need yield our bodies to the spirit.
    5. Don’t think about speaking in tongues; think about Jesus!

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