Foot Washing: A Lesson in Humility

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message entitled: Foot Washing: A Lesson in Humility

Key Scripture: John 13:1-13

  • We often see the portrayal of the last supper but not often the foot washing
  • Why do we usually skip over Jesus washing his disciples feet?
  • Could be that we want to be at the table but not lower ourselves down to a servant
  • We like the depiction of God the warrior king but our God is a foot washing God too
  • Peter was quick to say that Jesus couldn’t wash his feet missing the spiritual significance to what Jesus was doing
  • Peter comes around and says to wash all of him, but still misses that it is more about a spiritual cleansing than a physical cleansing
  • Jesus washed everyone’s feet including Judas showing an important lesson to even serve those we might consider them an enemy
  • Only through humility can God shape us into who we need to be