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This page details both the continued online opportunities to worship as well as details on how to join in-person worship events.  


In-Person Worship Event Details:

Sundays  at 9am, or 11am

We care about your health and safety. 

While we cannot guarantee a germ-free environment, we are taking steps to help prevent transmission of Covid-19.  You can read more about those steps below.  If you are sick,  , please contact us so we can come pray for your healing ! We still believe in the power of Jesus to heal when we gather together in His name to pray for the sick!

If you are in a high-risk group and decide not to worship in person, we want to minister to you!  We offer  all of of our ministry online as well.

In-Person Worship Encounter Schedule

  • Sundays | 9:00 am (Children welcome)
  • Sundays | 11:00 am (Children welcome)
  • Wednesdays  | 6:30 pm Newsong Student Ministries ( ages 12-18)

Our Guidelines for Your Safety


This is a decision for each individual.  With the extended amount of time this global concern  has been the focus it is evident that there is no one who has not been made aware of the pro’s and con’s of mask wearing. What masks work, which ones don’t,  At Newsong Church we recognize we are ordained by God to be come the best we can be at leading people to a deeper knowledge of God’s word, a place of prayer for healing both spiritually and physically, as well as a place of unity around the  application of God’s word. While we will not “police” mask wearing we are supportive of those who feel its important to wear one . 

Disinfecting Procedures:

Before every service, the sanctuary and all high-touch surfaces will be disinfected.  

Hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout the building.  

We will continually wipe down surfaces in the restrooms and other high-touch areas.

The Drinking fountain will not be available for use.  We have free bottled water and coffee  available. 


All of Newsong Church regularly scheduled Worship Encounters and Ministries will be Online as we navigate the challenges to ministry impacted by the Corona-virus  Global Pandemic 

Worship Encounters, Prayer Encounters,  and Age or Gender Specific Encounters can all be viewed live online. For Sunday Worship Encounters and Wednesday Prayer Encounters  go to our website Click the  “messages tab” and select “live Stream. Or enter this link into your web browser:

You do not have to have a Facebook account or open up Facebook to watch our Live Stream Simply go to our website and watch there. 



  • Three ways to watch the recording after Live Stream has  ended:
    • Our Website , Our Facebook Page, and our YouTube Channel :
      • Website: Go to and click on the “Messages” tab on main menu and select “HD Recording” 
      • Our Facebook Page:  Go to:
      • Our YouTube Channel :

For Age or Gender Specific Ministries those can also be viewed live online


To join any Newsong Event, Worship Encounter or Age / Gender Specific Encounter: 

  1. Go to:
  2. Our events calendar will come up.
  3. Look for the date of the event
  4. Click on the event you wish to join
  5. Follow the instructions where it says “Description” there.

Here are a list of available ways to receive ministry from Newsong Church:

  • Sunday Morning Worship  Encounters
  • Newsong Young Adults (Ages 13-35 , Single or  Married)
  • Newsong Student Ministries (Ages 12-18)
  • Newsong Kids (ages Birth to 11)
  • Newsong Women’s Ministry
  • Newsong Men’s Ministry 
  • Newsong Life Groups
  • Sunday Worship Encounters
    • 9 & 11 am 
  • Newsong Kids Encounter
    • Sundays at 11 am – in person only
  • Newsong Student Ministries (NSM)
    • Wednesdays  6:30 pm – In-person & online
  • Newsong Young Adults (Ages 18-35 , Single or  Married)
    • Contact for dates , times, and locations
  • Newsong Women’s Worship & Bible  Study Encounter
    • 6:30 pm – 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each Month – in person only
  • Newsong Men’s Worship & Bible  Study Encounter
    • Date & Times vary – n person only.
  • Newsong Prayer Warrior Group
    • Receive and share prayer requests with a group of gifted prayer warriors.
    • e-mail us at to get added to the group.
  • New Believer Resources 
    • If you have recently become a follower of Jesus e-mail us at and tell us about your decision to follow Jesus. We will give you free resourced to help you. 
  • Life Groups – go to the Life Groups tab on the main menu.
  • Grow Path – Coming Soon! 



Last update 5/8152020 @ 3:00 pm CST


A word from Rev. CJ Brummett

Lead Pastor



Action Plan



A word from Rev. CJ Brummett

Please, give me a moment to “Pastor” you and then I’ll share the details of our action steps.


First of all, I am unwavering that we serve the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present God. He is not taken by surprise in this recent development of a global health concern. Jesus is still at the right hand of the Father, advocating for us. It is Jesus who has the keys to death, hell and the grave. As followers of Jesus, we do not live in fear, nor allow fear of temporary trials to change our direction in fulfilling the vision and mission of the church. In spite of the COVID-19 concern, WE WILL increase reaching the lost and equipping more disciple makers. WE WILL do this while using Godly wisdom and creativity, to adapt to these current challenges.


We are the church and this is prime time to walk the walk and talk the talk as the world is closely watching the response of the church. It IS a reflection of Jesus to the world in how we respond to these major events.    

Above all, in love, I beseech you to not get caught up in “taking sides” or proving a point, that you remove yourself from the mandate of scripture to not forsake the assembling of ourselves. Please do not rob yourself and others of the unity of the body of Christ and as a result choose between worshiping together and making a political stance.


The Brummett Family, myself, Jennifer and our children are your faith family. We hurt when you hurt. We rejoice when you rejoice. We are sold out to Jesus, not to politics. Our faith is in Christ, and our commitment is to leading you toward Him. We will not participate in the division of believers, nor the rejection of non-believers who will give us the opportunity to preach the Gospel.

We love you all and it anguishes us to be apart from you, no matter what the reason.

If you don’t have a medical reason to be separated from us, please love us enough to put our relationship with each other and Christ above hurt, fear, anger, and pride.

Our resolve is that we will be with you for all eternity. This, which we endure now will pass eventually, and we refuse to let it steal you from us.

I have more “fight” in me for you and your loved ones than you may be able to comprehend this side of Heaven. Because of what Jesus has done in me I stand firm in this confidence.

If you are sick, no matter what the illness, please allow me to come pray for you. If it is a contagious illness I will take steps to quarantine myself afterwards for the appropriate time for the sake of my family and others. I will not stop laying hands on the sick and believing for healing. Prayer for the sick is not limited to laying on of hands (Luke 7:1-17), however this is my personal conviction and stance after much prayer and hearing from the Lord (Luke 4:40) (Luke 13:13)(Mark 8:23). God is my shield and my refuge. Jesus is our healer and great physician.

In Service to you for My King Jesus,
CJ Brummett, Lead Pastor