Can’t Cope Without Soul Soap

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message on purity called Can’t Cope Without Soul Soap.

  • Why Purity?
    • It’s a salvation issue
      • It is a matter of the heart
    • It’s a relationship with God issue
      • God didn’t change from the old testament to the new testament
      • Still desires purity
      • Jesus came to fulfill the law not to abolish it
    • It’s a relationship with others issue
    • It’ s testimony issue
  • What’s the solution?
    • Live according to His Word
    • Hide His Word in your heart that you might not sin against him
    • Keep your focus on God
    • Run from temptation
    • Define parameters now on how to live
    • Put measures in place to protect yourself
    • Remember┬ákeeping the mud off is easier than getting the mud off