Easter Celebration



April 12

Time: Coming Soon!


Key Updates

(last updated 4/1)

  • Easter 2020 is still on!!
  • Service will be a drive in style service
  • First 300 cars will get a Home Easter Celebration Gift Bags and other items.
  • Everything will be conducted with social distancing in mind


This is  Easter 2020 Breakthrough”:

“Drive in Church with a community Home Easter Celebration Gift Bags given to the first 300 cars to arrive”

Newsong Church will be celebrating via “Drive in Church”. This will mean our Sunday morning Worship Encounters will be done in the parking area of the church and the Worship Team, The Preaching, everything, will be done outside. Everyone who attends will be parked in their cars (like the drive-in theater). To ensure everyone can see and hear and still leave their windows rolled up we will live stream to our website and social media just as we have been doing. This way we can worship while seeing each other’s faces safely through the windows and also hear and see the Worship Encounter on our devices from inside the cars. At the conclusion a Home Easter Celebration Gift Bag will be loaded into the trunk of you car for you complete with candy filled eggs.

Join the dream team!

Ever heard the saying “It takes team work to make the dream work?”

That’s you and me and all who join us to make this the most incredible and innovative Easter yet!

You are invited to join the Newsong Easter Dream Team for an exciting and powerful Easter Outreach. The theme of Resurrection Sunday this year is “Breakthrough”. We aim to clearly communicate to Northwest Arkansas residents that the Church is not closed, the Church is thriving, and we have united in prayer, planning and action, to lead our communities in celebration of our risen King of Kings and Lord of Lords and His name is JESUS!

The day of the event Dream Team members to be holding signs by the road, directing traffic, entertaining kids who are in their cars with funny signs or other methods to get them laughing. The ways to serve are diverse and can fit anyone’s abilities and talents.

There are ways you can serve that you don’t even have to leave home for. Others ways to serve may mean some extra time at the church with five or less team members social distancing while you are serving. 

For our Easter Dream Team who are serving, and those families attending the “Easter Drive In Worship Encounter”, social distancing will be observed before, during, and after the Worship Encounter as well as all preparation in the days before and the clean up after.

To make this one of the greatest Easter celebrations ever sign up here to join the Easter Dream Team.

Once you sign up you will be contacted to discuss what you can do to serve and how to get started

Click the “Sign Up” button below to join!

Here are three ways to donate to the event:

    • 1. Donate nonperishable food items to add to the “Easter Celebration kit”. (You can drop off donations during scheduled times by e-mailing us at info@visitnewsong.com
    • 2. You can also donate any fun kid appropriate craft kits, silly string, puzzles, etc.
    • 3. Donate funds toward the event . (click the “Donate Now” button below)


Join the dream team

Register by Sunday, March 29.

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Donate funds for the Easter Event

Go to the link below to donate electronically.

Enter “Easter Event” in the other box.


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Easter Dream Team Registration Sign Up

For details about specific responsibilities for Dream Team sign up email us at info@visitnewsong.com or call our office at 479-224-4988

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we meet? What exactly is the the event?

    • Drive-in Church
      • Community and church family invited to drive-in to have church in the parking lot.
      • First 300 cars will receive Home Easter Celebration Gift Bags loaded into the trunks of cars at the conclusion of your Easter Worship Experience
      • (We will cover how to accomplish this while social distancing for in a moment)
      • Easter Dream Team Members Holding Up Signs of welcome, encouragement, event instructions, and information on how to connect with Newsong Church.

What are in the Home Easter Celebration Gift Bags?

    • For Kids
      • 20-30 Candy or prize-filled Easter Eggs
      • Other Kid Appropriate prizes
    • For Adults
      • Non-Perishable Food Items
      • Common Household Necessities
  • Why have a drive in Easter? Why not just watch the live stream from home?
    • We are ready to be back together even if we can just see your ace through your car window and wave! We have heard your feedback; you are ready to get back together.
    • Everyone can actually feel that same feeling of getting up and getting to church, that by then, they are surely missing.
    • We can at least see all your faces all-together again, just a little further apart and through car windows.
How as a first-time guest do I get connected with this church, if I have to stay in my car with windows rolled up?

Easter Dream Team members will be standing at the entrance of the parking area as people drive in, with signs that direct you on how to connect with us that day and stay connected after. You will also be directed to fill out our electronic connection card on our website: visitnewsong.com. One of our ministry team members will contact you.


How will we fit everyone?

We have a plan in place! just come and enjoy your Easter Worship Encounter with us!


What will we do if people need to use the restrooms?

    • We are currently only recommended to have no more than 10 in a gathering together right now.
    • Also, social distancing is six feet apart.
    • We will have Easter Dream Team members at a safe distance monitoring the doors to the facility closest to restroom access
      • We will advise our guests via signs, if a restroom is needed, to come to that location.
      • Our Team will instruct you from there.
      • Gloves and disinfectants will be available in restrooms for use.

How do I keep safe from infection during the event?

    • Social distancing and no touch, will be communicated ahead and often.
    • Team Members will hold instructing everyone to 1.  Keep your windows rolled up, 2. Stay in your vehicle.  We will shake your hand when things are back to normal!”
    • Encourage and engage  with smiles and waves.
      • Expectations for safety at the the event will be communicated clearly to Team Members and the attendees
      • We will use social media and our website to set those expectations ahead of time.

Is the city aware we are planning this event and are they supportive?

Yes, our Pastor spoke to the Mayor and he was supportive given our safety guidelines in place.


What does this event accomplish?

    • Drawing the body of Christ closer together.
    • Inviting our community to know Jesus personally.
    • A chance to show the love of Christ as close to “in-person’ as we can.


How do I get connected with this event?