Better Together: Worshiping Together

Join us today as Pastor CJ shares a message titled Better Together: Worshiping Together

* God wants a love relationship with us
* Worship = expressing love to God

6 was to tell God that we love Him

  1. Singing to Him (Worship)
    • It’s a heart thing
    • Psalms 147:6
    • Make a joyful noise (not necessary in tune)
    • Psalms 137
    • If you feel like you have lost your song, it is probably time to push in and worship that much harder
    • You can worship God wherever you are
  2. Talking to Him (Prayer)
    • One of the key ingredient in a relationship is communication
    • It is something you you have to work at all the time
    • It is not a take/duty…he wants a relationship
    • Psalms 116
  3. Listening to Him (Prayer too)
    • Prayer shouldn’t be one sided
    • When you listen to someone you are saying
      • “You matter to me”
      • “You are important to me”
      • “I value what you have to say”
    • Prayer should be 50/50 talking/listening
    • At any given time there are several radio station that are bouncing through a room, but without a the right equipment you won’t be able to hear them
    • God is always speaking but we aren’t always listening
    • The devices that we need to use are
      • His word (Bible)
      • Experiences
      • Trials
      • Other people
      • impressions/inspirations
    • John 10
    • when you think that God is speaking to you say “Speak, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10)
  4. Publicly Identifying with Him
    • Do you hide your Christianity at home, at work, at the store, or anywhere?
    • If Christianity were to become illegal, would there be enough evidence to convict you?
    • It is like a guy proposed to his fiance that they keep their marriage a secret from everyone forever
    • If you trust God he will prove himself over and over
  5. Committed to Him
    • How much you are present at church, small groups, etc can be an indication of your commitment
    • It’s not that you can’t ever miss……….but what is your priority
    • Are you committed even when it is not convenient
    • Roman 12
  6. Giving to Him (Stewardship)
    • Money is the nearest thing to most peoples hearts
    • Your ability to let it go can reveal what is in your heart
    • Are you willing to let lose what is most important to you and give it to God
    • Giving test your sincerity