Asia Pacific Media Ministry

Join us today as Seth and Lisa Louton from Asia Pacific Media Ministry shares the message.

Key Scripture:
John 9

  1. Are we asking the right Question
    • when we see bad in the world what question are we asking
    • Ask “How can the work of God be done in/through this?”
    • What can I do?  How can I help?
  2. Are we hung up on the Method vs miracle
    • do we get hung up on him spitting in the dirt and putting it on his eyes
    • instead focus on the fact that he was healed
  3. Tell your story
    • When we have an encounter with God we will come back looking different
    • ALL of our stories as christian start with “The man named Jesus”
    • no one can ever take our story away
  4. We have to make the right choice
    • First choice is to follow Jesus
    • What type of Christian will you be
    • What are you going to do about missions

Call to action

  1. Commit to pray
  2. Pray fro revival  (nurture the attitude of Go)
  3. Pray for people to support

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