Angels Among Us part 3

Listen in as Pastor CJ shares a message titled Angels Among US

Angel Ministry
I Cor. 4:9
I.      Angels are watching us.
        A.    We cannot see them in this age.
        B.    They can see us. 
·       “Spectacle” = For public show
·       Greek = theotron = theater
        C.    Angels are curious creatures. 
II.    Angels are learning about God’s wisdom by observing us.
        A.    They are not omniscient
        B.    They are curious of what they don’t understand
2 major questions:
1.     Why does Satan hate us believers so much? 
Answer:  We are a reminder of his embarrassing loss
2.     Why are angels following us around? 
Answer:  They know nothing of the grace and wisdom of God.

Colossians 1:24-27
1. Paul was considered the Apostle of Doctrine for the New Testament Church believers.
Angels are seen giving instruction and understanding
Do angels give us instruction and understanding in this present Church age?
The Spirit is much better than an angel.
We are complete in Christ, and so we need no instruction of an angel.

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