Newsong Church

Our Beliefs

Here’s what we believe:

The Bible: We believe The Bible is the inspired, perfect word of God. The Bible is the foundation of all our beliefs.

God: We believe in The Trinity: one God eternally existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All people need a savior. We believe the universal need of all mankind is eternal salvation. Jesus is the only Savior. The way to be saved is to believe in Jesus as God’s one and only Son and that he died for the sins of mankind and that he rose from the grave. Along with this belief in Jesus, we must repent and ask Him to forgive our sins. You can be forgiven! Jesus can give you eternal life!

Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit works in the lives of believer to equip and empower them for life. We believe the works of the Holy Spirit described in the New Testament are still available and active today. We are a “Spirit-filled” church.

Newsong Church is affiliated with a network of churches called Assemblies of God. For a complete statement of faith with Scriptures, CLICK HERE.